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The Problem with Forgiveness

In June while preparing a lesson on “forgiveness”  for my meditation class, my husband Stu and I had a long discussion on the subject. I said that I felt that forgiveness was essential to feeling balanced, joyful, and “connected.” “In my mind,” I said, “I imagine the feeling of one-ness to be blissful.” My husband […]

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How Many Self-Help Books Do You Have?

My bookshelf is stuffed with self-help books.  I have Abraham-Hicks,  Eckhart Tolle,  Byron Katie, Joel S. Goldsmith, and many more. I love them. Each one is like a treasure box. I wade through the first few chapters looking for the perfect sparkly object; the one that will help me be better, more connected, more loving, […]

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In Need of a Breakthrough? Just Relax

Since launching my new content marketing business, I’ve become more aware of the importance of relaxation to the creative process. I don’t mean the temporary kind of relaxation that comes with a visit to the beach; I mean a deeper kind of relaxation. The kind of relaxation that isn’t just an experience, it’s who you […]

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Feeling Drained by Others Negative Energy?

This article is re-post from my February newsletter.  It’s a good one, enjoy ;-)                         Do you feel drained or “foggy-brained” after speaking to a needy co-worker, an angry client, or a know-it-all friend? You can’t change people, or quit your job, and you’ve […]

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So Who’s Right?

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of co-hosting an event at my spiritual center called, “Mandalas, Movies, and More.”  We colored mandalas, ate homemade brownies, and watched Martin Scorsese’s movie “Kundun,” about the life of the Dalai Lama. When I asked a few people what they thought about the movie, I was struck  by how the various […]

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Practice Oneness, Not Sameness

Usually when people speak of oneness and unity what they are really talking about is sameness. Look for the sameness and that’s where you will find the oneness. But is it true that that sameness leads to Oneness? Sameness is safe. Sameness means that you are just like me, that you love just like me, […]

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