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Sex, Spirituality, and Self-esteemionsihips

Sex, Spirituality, and Self-Esteem

I was sitting across the table from one of my spiritual mentors, she was seventy at the time. Petit, attractive, and on her second shot glass of sake. She said, “No one told me about what it is like getting older. So I’m going to tell you.” She continued, “I felt my most powerful and […]

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tired of putting on a brave face?

Tired of Putting on a “Brave Face?”

Are you the type of person who when someone asks how you are doing, you reply “Great!” even though your heart is breaking? Maybe… • You or someone you love is going through a health crisis, • You’ve just lost the love of your life to a break-up, death, or even Alzheimer’s, • Or you’re […]

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Your Secret Superpower: Daydreaming

Do you catch yourself mentally going over the argument you just had with your spouse or co-worker over and over again? You replay every word, gesture, and facial expression saying things to yourself that you WISH you had said only to feel angry with yourself for having not said them. In fact, replaying the argument […]

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Stop trying to let go

How to Heal without Letting Go

Two monks are walking alongside a river when they come upon a woman who needs to cross to the other side. At this time, monks were not allowed to touch or even speak to women. But without hesitation, the first monk picks the woman up and carries her safely across the river. He comes back […]

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Do We Really Need Religion?

  When I was fourteen, my paternal grandmother came to stay with us for about 6 months. At night when I’d walk past her room, she’d be sitting on the bed reading her bible. We weren’t religious, so this nightly act of devotion intrigued me. Once, I interrupted her and asked “Grandma, why do we […]

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