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What is Meant by Guided Meditation, and More Q&A

The following questions were asked by a reporter for an article that she is writing regarding meditation and creating an at-home retreat. I really enjoyed corresponding with her and I thought that the Q&A would be helpful to anyone interested in guided meditation and visualization. I hope you enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to […]

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Most Commonly Asked Questions about Guided Meditation, Visualization, and Mindfulness

“Like the body needs sleep the mind needs rest also”–Swami Adiswarananda Guided Meditation, Visualization and Mindfulness with Krista Magidson    Commonly Asked Questions about Meditation and Mindfulness  “What is Meditation?”  Meditation is simply the practice of being here now.  It is the practice where we learn to release ourselves from the burden of past and […]

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Karma and the Law of Attraction

Presently I’m teaching a series of classes based on the book, “The Amazing Power of Your Emotions,” by Ester and Jerry Hicks.  During one of the class sessions, someone asked how the concept of karma relates to the Law of Attraction.  More specifically, she wanted to know how does all the baggage we carry with us from life time to life time (i.e.,  the typical […]

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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Everyone has a sleepless night here and there; however, persistent sleepless nights are your body’s way of telling you to either change your behavior, your thinking or both. The body and mind are not separate entities rather they are one organism, the body/mind. Your beliefs, thoughts, and attitude directly affect how you feel emotionally and […]

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