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Are You a Servant or a Slave?

Spiritually speaking we are all here to serve one another.  In fact for many spiritual seekers the highest form of spiritual expression is not sitting alone on a mountain top but serving Spirit through serving others. So why is it that so many who serve are plagued by dark circles underneath their eyes, exhaustion, illness, […]

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Stop trying to let go

How to Heal without Letting Go

Two monks are walking alongside a river when they come upon a woman who needs to cross to the other side. At this time, monks were not allowed to touch or even speak to women. But without hesitation, the first monk picks the woman up and carries her safely across the river. He comes back […]

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Being Happy and Living Your Life’s Purpose

                        Do you remember the commercial that shows a series of kids saying things like, “When I grow up, I want to claw my way up to middle management” and “When I grow up I want to be paid less for doing more?” […]

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How Many Self-Help Books Do You Have?

My bookshelf is stuffed with self-help books.  I have Abraham-Hicks,  Eckhart Tolle,  Byron Katie, Joel S. Goldsmith, and many more. I love them. Each one is like a treasure box. I wade through the first few chapters looking for the perfect sparkly object; the one that will help me be better, more connected, more loving, […]

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In Need of a Breakthrough? Just Relax

Since launching my new content marketing business, I’ve become more aware of the importance of relaxation to the creative process. I don’t mean the temporary kind of relaxation that comes with a visit to the beach; I mean a deeper kind of relaxation. The kind of relaxation that isn’t just an experience, it’s who you […]

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It’s All About the Process Not the Product

We are a culture that works long hard hours with very little vacation time, “me” time, down time, family time, fun time, or just plain-old time.  Most of us work hard, but resent the work we do because it is hard.  As a result we look for what’s easy and quick; quick and easy dinners, quick and easy […]

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just breathe

Just Breathe…

Everything begins with the breath. Shallow breathing is an indication of stress.  Shallow breathing makes the spine rigid, the belly hard, and the face stern.  Shallow breathing is a confirmation that life is difficult and puts you in a state of mind that is resistant to Life. Your mantra is “No.” When you breathe deeply, […]

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Relaxation is Only the Beginning

Relaxation is only the beginning of meditation, relaxation is not meditation. Meditation is an opportunity for you to connect with the well-spring of peace, love, and joy within.  It is the practice where you cultivate a meaningful relationship with your authentic Self.  At its best, meditation is a practice where you learn the art of  listening with your entire self…mind, […]

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