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A Message for You

Are you taking good care of yourself? Or are you last on your list? Most of us, don’t bother to care for ourselves until something goes wrong, and sometimes not even then. We deny ourselves the self love we deserve. Delicious food, clean water, good company, and meaningful work are all ingredients to a happy […]

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Dr. Jane Goodall

Today, I’m going to give a presentation into the life of Dr. Jane Goodall. When I began this project I didn’t know anything about her. In fact, like many others, I confused her with Diane Fossey, author of “Gorillas in the Mist.” Dr. jane goodall from KristaMagidson. Here is a copy of the power point […]

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Painting Into the Unknown

This weekend I went to a fabulous workshop to experience “The Point Zero” painting method with Michele Cassou.  Michele’s revolutionary technique of process painting teaches us how to respond to the creative impulse within.  She says, “Creativity knows what you need, when you let it through, it gives you what you need.”  Love that! I […]

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Do You Need Ego? Part I of IV

During this weeks classes we discussed how we can move beyond our egos.  Some students, however, felt strongly that we need our egos.  The most common concerns were,  ego is necessary for human consciousness to evolve on this planet, without ego we would be too passive to create anything, ego is helpful in creating strong personal (and national) boundaries, […]

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Stop Second Guessing Yourself!

Every moment of everyday our internal guidance system, i.e. our intuition, is at work directing each of us towards experiencing and expressing our highest good. Unfortunately, most of us second guess our intuitive impulses, mulling the various outcomes around in our heads for hours or even days in search of the right answer. We mistrust […]

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Karma and the Law of Attraction

Presently I’m teaching a series of classes based on the book, “The Amazing Power of Your Emotions,” by Ester and Jerry Hicks.  During one of the class sessions, someone asked how the concept of karma relates to the Law of Attraction.  More specifically, she wanted to know how does all the baggage we carry with us from life time to life time (i.e.,  the typical […]

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Health and Healing by Andrew Weil, M.D.

If you’re confused about all the different alternative therapies available today then this book is invaluable. In it Dr. Weil discusses all the various healing modalities from allopathic (Western) medicine to Naturopathy and Shamanism in a clear and objective manner allowing the reader to feel confident and informed about the plethora of alternative therapies on […]

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