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After the Drama, Then What?

The bills are paid, the relationship is good, kids are good.  Life is good. But… You’re feeling bored, something is definitely missing. There is a subtle uneasiness that is lingering at the periphery of your life. You think, “Ugh, there has to be something more.” There is, but first you must face your self. The […]

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How to Manage Obsessive, Compulsive Thinking

We live in world without boundaries. Our smart phones and computers are always “on” which means that our thinking minds are always “on” as well. At all times of the day we are thinking about work, family, kids, politics, etc… Our thinking is compulsive, obsessive, and continuous. Here is a simple technique to create boundaries […]

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Meditation and Mindfulness Can Heal Your Life

Meditation and mindfulness are healing modalities that can cure the source of all dis-ease, the mind. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with mind, in fact, mind is heaven.  It’s beautiful. Mind is how we create our internal and external worlds.  That is, we think a thought, believe that the thought is true, and viola! Material […]

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Do You Need the Ego?

Do you need the ego? Some teachers say, “yes, ego is necessary.” In fact, I’ve had many discussions with students who also believe that ego is necessary. Freud defined ego as the mediator between the self and the world.  So the argument goes like this, that without an ego we would get hurt or worse. […]

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Afternoon Meditation

Afternoon Meditation: The key to happiness is learning to want what you already have, rather than wasting your time wanting what you do not have. This goes beyond just appreciating the moment. “Wanting” is a visceral energy that is connected to our sense of well being. Wanting what you don’t have creates a sense of […]

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The Curse of Multitasking

For those of us who remember the days before cell phones, email, and Facebook the pace of life has quadrupled; and to keep up we’ve all developed the habit of multi-tasking. We talk on the cell phone when we drive, eat lunch at our computers, text or watch the news during dinner,  and so on. […]

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Today’s Meditation

I started my meditation later than usual morning.  As soon as I began, I heard both of my kids screaming at each other over the Wii remote. Thoughts rushed in, “Why is this happening now?” “This shouldn’t be happening.”  “I should send them to camp.” I felt anger radiate down the insides of my legs, my […]

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Ask, Listen, Receive, Give

Two weeks ago I watched a documentary called “Nero’s Guests” about the astronomically high suicide rate among Hindu farmers in India. I felt heartbroken for the family’s and overwhelmed by the immensity of the problem.  I felt compassion for the reporter who was documenting this horror and I understood his hopelessness and anger. When it was over, […]

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