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Having a Difficult Time Concentrating?

Even if you’ve been practicing meditation for years, there may be occasions where it is really difficult to sit still and concentrate.  You’re sitting for your practice, you open your eyes and what felt like 20 or 30 minutes was really only 5 minutes.  You expect that with each hour, week, and year, you would be getting better and going deeper, but […]

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New Year Clearing Ceremony

Saturday January 3rd from 1:00 to 3:00 PM Join me for this fun yet powerful way to bring in the new year.  First we’re going to make list of all the burdens (relationships included) and all of the thoughts that no are longer serving us then we’re going to burn and release them!  Then we’ll turn […]

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Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations How does the material world exist if the fundamental building blocks of matter have no mass?  And what does this have to do with meditation, visualization, and your wellbeing? Your body and everything else in the universe may look solid; but all matter is made up of particles, particles that have no mass.  […]

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How to Know God

This month I’ve been working with, “Meditation in the Silence,” by E.V. Ingraham. Below is an excerpt from the book regarding communing with our Source through the practice of sitting in silence. I’ve also included a lesson and mindfulness practice that complements Ingraham’s. The Practice of the Silence 1. Be comfortably seated so that your […]

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Question for Contemplation #1

Truth is not written to stimulate the mind or to create another empty belief system. So when reading the quotation below, or any other spiritual texts or essays, it is important to feel your way through the material. Know that wisdom is integral to your being…ask and ye shall know. Quote for contemplation: “…a spiritually […]

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What is Meant by Guided Meditation, and More Q&A

The following questions were asked by a reporter for an article that she is writing regarding meditation and creating an at-home retreat. I really enjoyed corresponding with her and I thought that the Q&A would be helpful to anyone interested in guided meditation and visualization. I hope you enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to […]

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