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Cup O’ Coffee (or Tea) Meditation

Hold the cup in your hands.  Feel how its warmth radiates in your palms and fingers.  Inhale.  Feel the steam.  Inhale again and follow its scent.  Can you taste the coffee on the back of your palette when you inhale deeply?   Slowly sip your coffee, taste it, and follow the smooth warm liquid.  Can you feel it […]

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Relaxation is Only the Beginning

Relaxation is only the beginning of meditation, relaxation is not meditation. Meditation is an opportunity for you to connect with the well-spring of peace, love, and joy within.  It is the practice where you cultivate a meaningful relationship with your authentic Self.  At its best, meditation is a practice where you learn the art of  listening with your entire self…mind, […]

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Learn the Art of Guided Meditation, Visualization, and Self Healing

 For over 15 years I’ve been practicing and teaching guided meditation, visualization, and self healing but I’ve never held a class on how others can do it for themselves and others until I had a vision about doing so last month. I was sitting in silence contemplating a level II meditation class for my current students when I saw myself sitting […]

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Meditation Paradox

The meditation paradox is this:  While it is true that most of us take up meditation for a specific purpose (i.e., anger management, inner wisdom, stress relief, lowering the blood pressure etc…), using our practice as a means to an ends impedes true progress. This is because meditation is an evolution.  Your understanding of yourself, […]

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Having a Difficult Time Concentrating?

Even if you’ve been practicing meditation for years, there may be occasions where it is really difficult to sit still and concentrate.   You wake up early, light your incense, read a favorite passage, and then the thought comes, “I am such a spiritual person.  I am going to meditate for 20 minutes today.”   You […]

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Over the years I have learned that the ultimate stress reliever is practicing faith.  We are stressed because we can not forgive the past and we are stressed because we are worried about the future.  We lack faith. Faith in what?  Faith in yourself, and faith that life is gorgeous and good and that It […]

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Just Breathe

Just Breathe Mindfulness Practice #1: When feeling stressed or challenged this week, start breathing deeply. 1. When we are feeling stressed or when we are in the midst of a conflict, it is normal for us to hold our breath. When this happens start to breathe deeply and slowly directing the breath into the belly. […]

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The Healing Power of Compassion

In preparation for this evening’s class on the heart center, it occurred to me how the energy of compassion, forgiveness, empathy and kindness nourishes the entire body and mind. The heart center correlates to our body’s circulatory system.  The circulatory system feeds, oxygenates and removes waste from the entire body.  Looking at the picture of […]

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