Yes you can transform your most difficult relationships at home and at work…

…with the Joy Code.

If you have at least one significant relationship that is in turmoil, it’s very likely that the negativity has seeped into other areas of your life causing you to feel stuck, lonely, isolated, stressed, frustrated, and depressed. Poor relationships at home affect your performance at work and stressful relationships at work affect your relationships at home. And all relationships will have either a positive or negative impact your health, sense of well-being, creative expression, and sense of purpose.

All relationships, event the difficult and unfulfilling ones, are mirrors of your unconscious values, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about yourself and the world.

This is why, no matter what you do to fix or move away from the negative people and situations in your life, you still wind-up in relationships that are unfulfilling at best and miserable at worst.

 The Joy Code is a process that will unlock the meaning of these relationships in your life by:

  • Unlocking your personal relationship code
  • Breaking toxic patterns
  • Setting a foundation for freedom
  • Eliminating the competition and the power-struggle
  • Freeing up mental, emotional, and spiritual energy so you are more creative at home and at work
  • Fueling your life with purpose, meaning, grace, gratitude and of course JOY!

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