Break-free from stressful relationships

Break Free from Stressful Relationships

3 Steps to Creating the Relationships You Were Meant to Love


Discover how to transform your most frustrating relationships into the relationships you were meant to love.
It all starts with YOU.
Your relationships are a mirror of your deepest beliefs and how you think, feel, and even treat yourself. The relationships that aggravate, anger, and hurt the most are the ones that you will use for inner spiritual growth, healing, and transformation. I’ll show you how during this FREE online workshop.
My name is Krista Magidson, and I’ve been teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives, eliminate stress, and create healthy happy relationships since 2001. It’s all about inner transformation.
Inner Transformation Leads to Happier Relationships

  • What if you could have the relationships you were meant to love, and create them in about 1 hour?
  • No more fixing
  • No more begging
  • No more people-pleasing
  • No more overwhelm
  • No more stress
  • No more GUILT!
  • No More Putting on a Brave Face

During this online workshop you will discover the principles and 3 specific techniques that will completely change your perspective on yourself your relationships for the better.

Instead you’ll learn to see all of your relationships as OPPORTUNITIES for Inner Growth, More Peace, and Happiness…
…And in the process you’ll create the relationships you were meant to love.

This Teleworkshop is for You if you are tired of feeling:

  • Powerless
  • Angry
  • And Not in control of your relationships
  • This is NOT a class for people who want to change the people, and who desperately want to be heard and validated by the people in their lives. This workshop isn’t about THEM it’s about EMPOWERING YOU.

In it you’ll discover:
1. The number one principle that will shift your relationships immediately
2. How to re-envision and change all of your relationships for the better
3. Break patterns that are no longer serving you
4. Be more loving, balanced, and powerful in all areas of your life.
This is a real workshop, not a teaser class

Because I’m so passionate about sharing with everyone the path to break-free from stressful relationships and truly transform all aspects of their lives, I’m offering this Teleworkshop for FREE! (a $97 Value)
I only ask that you share what you’ve learned with others and pass along the good vibrations!
Click Here to Register
Talk with you then!

When you register you’ll get a link to download the PDF worksheet for the class. Please have this ready.

Here’s what some of my clients and students have said about working with me:

Hi Krista
I did not get a chance to thank you for another great class. I think this is the 4th series I have taken with you and this particular series was the best. Probably because I have taken so many prior and I am now really starting to get it and get into it. You are such an inspiration. Your knowledge, teaching style and enthusiasm make the class fun and meaningful. So thank you again you are fabulous!

And from a very personal level thank you for your personal insights and support. I have had many aha moments from our conversations. I have been diligently journaling and answering the questions from your worksheets. Digging deep to really discover and work on what I want and my beliefs.

Thanks again for everything!
Roxanne H.

Dear Krista,
I wanted to Thank you so very much for helping me talk and process through some of my issues and roadblocks, when we met last week. Vic asked me if you are a Therapist. He said I always seem lighter and more upbeat after I meet with you. I told him we did some work on my energy.
Thank you again—you are a Godsend!
Ann A.

Hello Krista,
You are just phenomenal!! Our session was another amazing one!! I loved it!! :-))
Thank you for your wonderful work on me!!
Sabine S.

I keep your teachings in my daily life, and I was so fearful of failing but I talked myself out of the panic and then I just got your video and I thought “perfect timing”
Shereen L.

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