So Who’s Right?

From the movie "Kundun"Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of co-hosting an event at my spiritual center called, “Mandalas, Movies, and More.”  We colored mandalas, ate homemade brownies, and watched Martin Scorsese’s movie “Kundun,” about the life of the Dalai Lama.

When I asked a few people what they thought about the movie, I was struck  by how the various answers said more about the viewer than about the movie.

While I saw a man who was determined to love all people, even his enemies, my husband saw a kind of religious fanaticism on the part of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people.

My friend Judy saw a correlation between what happened to the Tibetan people, the Holocust,  and genocide in Turkey. She said, “Genocide is what happens when the world is silent.”

Cheryl saw, “…one more reason that we should be afraid of China.” She told me she wouldn’t buy Joel Osteen’s greeting cards because they were made in China.

My daughter saw a correlation between China’s imposition of their values on the Tibetan people and the war in Iraq.

It was fascinating to me that what I thought was the “real” message of the movie was lost on my family and friends, and visa versa.  So who’s right?

Of course we are all right because we believe what we see.

Seeing without understanding how consciousness works in this world is the source of interpersonal conflict.

For example:  What would have happened had I pressed my point about the benevolent nature that I perceived in the Dalai Lama with my husband?  Or if I challenged him on his position of religious fanaticism?  We probably would have wound-up arguing.

Being able to understand that we all perceive reality based on what is going on inside in our own heads, is the beginning of inner freedom.  At least that’s been my experience.

What do you think?




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