The Problem with Forgiveness

In June while preparing a lesson on “forgiveness”  for my meditation class, my husband Stu and I had a long discussion on the subject.

I said that I felt that forgiveness was essential to feeling balanced, joyful, and “connected.”

“In my mind,” I said, “I imagine the feeling of one-ness to be blissful.”

My husband replied, “There are people who don’t deserve forgiveness, and I am not interested in feeling ‘at-one’ with them. I’m already happy.”

Later that evening when I brought this subject up with my class, I presented Stu’s position and most of them agreed with his outlook.

In fact, most people would agree that there are people who are just too stupid, complacent, or evil to be forgiven.  They have done too much damage to be “forgiven.”  I understand.

The problem with forgiveness is that it is impossible to do.

You and I can’t forgive because the part of us that is injured won’t allow it…


You recognize that non-forgiveness is keeping you from being happy and free.

Forgiveness is all about where you are on your life’s path.  And as soon as you take the attention away from the “other person” and focus instead on your happiness and freedom then forgiveness begins to happen.

However, I meant what I said earlier, you and I can’t forgive.  All you can do is create a space inside of yourself for forgiveness to blossom.  Like everything else it’s already there, underneath the wounds, just waiting for you to recognize it.

Go ahead, breathe into it…be free, be happy.

3 thoughts on “The Problem with Forgiveness

  1. Orma Hammond says:

    Thank you so much for your meditation on forgiveness. It’s just what I needed to read today.

  2. Orma Hammond says:

    Thank you for your meditation on forgiveness. It’s just what I needed to read today.

    Bless you,

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