Loving Kindness and the Realization of Personal Freedom

Hello everyone, I wanted to talk with you a moment about the relationship between loving kindness and personal freedom.

Practicing loving kindness isn’t about being a better person and it doesn’t mean that you will stop having negative thoughts about people and situations. What the practice of loving kindness does however, is give you the experience of  personal freedom.

What’s personal freedom?  For me personal freedom means not having to change the people or the situations in my life in order to be happy.  It means to love the world as it is and to love the people in my life as they are.

And that’s what the practice of loving kindness does.  It creates a powerful shift within me but not necessarily in the other person.

Pursuing personal freedom doesn’t mean that you stop caring.  In fact, I believe we want personal freedom because we care so much it hurts.  We want people to change, the government to change, the people in the middle east to change so we will stop hurting.  But that will never happen.  If you’re waiting for everyone else to change before you can feel safe, happy, and free then you’ll be waiting for an eternity.

Personal freedom is the path of personal empowerment. It’s you standing up to the world and announcing that you are going to be happy no-matter-what, that you are going to love yourself and others the very best you can no-matter-what.

I think on  a very deep level we all crave this kind of genuine acceptance.  To just be loved as we are.

Are you up to the challenge?

Come to class tonight.




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