Journaling and a Little Bit O’ Meditation

Why do I have difficulty in my relationships?  What is my life’s purpose? Who am I?

You already have the answers to these questions.  In fact, you wouldn’t know to ask the question if the answer wasn’t already bubbling to the top of your conscious awareness, you just need a container to scoop it up.

Discovering the really big questions and scribbling out our own unique answers is what journaling is all about.  Through the journaling process you can travel backward in time and re-write history or project forward and create a better future for yourself. Through journaling you will discover “the listener” and the “storyteller” within you.  Through journaling you will create a refuge and uncover the sacred space at the tip of your pen.

For four weeks I will be offering a journaling and meditation workshop where you will delve into the nature of being through the journaling process.  You will be given detailed instruction on how to journal and fun writing prompts to jumpstart the journaling process.  You will also enjoy a series of guided meditations that will prepare you for a period of stillness and the quiet contemplation.

For more information, please go to the calendar section of this site.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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