Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Sabotage Your Success

Self DoubtIt’s 2013 and you want to lose weight, make more money, improve your relationships, or deepen your connection with Spirit. But what does your mind have to say about what you want?

Do your thoughts agree with you or do you have this nagging voice in the back of your mind that says, “Yeah right. That’s never going to happen. ”

If that’s the case (and it is for 99.9% of humans) I have some really good news for you:

You are the master of your mind and you have it within your power to create sustainable changes in your mental and physical environment.

Even if you don’t feel like you are the master of your mind, you are. In fact, your mind has been obeying your commands for years. So the issue is really about acknowledging your authority over mind and then acting in accordance with what you know.

Sound complicated? It isn’t. I promise.

I found this wonderful exercise in the December issue of “Law of Attraction” magazine. It will help you to tame your inner critic and create the positive mental atmosphere you need to create success in 2013.

Tools: You will need a 3×5 note card, a pen, blank sheet of paper, and a plastic sandwich bag.

Process: Think about one area you’d like to improve upon (work, love, spirituality, body, creative expression, other).

Then, on the front of your card write down what you want. BUT you must write in the first person and as if what you want is already a reality. You begin like this, “I am so happy and grateful that….”

On the back of the card you are going to write down why you want what you want.

Next, you will put your card in the baggy and carry it around with you. Every morning you are going to read what you’ve written on the card out loud to yourself and you will read it whenever you start to feel those doubtful thoughts creeping in.

You’re not finished yet. On the piece of blank paper write down all the negative thoughts about what you want. All the “I can’ts, I shouldn’ts, and I don’t deserve’s.” Then you are going to tear up this paper and throw those thoughts away!

I’ve done this process focusing on two issues and it has been tremendously helpful. The first, and the one I will share with you, is on financial freedom.

I wrote: “I am so happy and grateful that I am entitled to large sums of money. I am up to the challenge of having more and I accept the responsibility that great wealth brings. I love money and I accept with grace and ease money flowing into my experience. I am excited, happy, and grateful whenever I think about money, and I feel really good.”

Why: “Because it is my purpose to live abundantly and to use money for positive influence, to raise the standards of living for women and children world-wide, and to help every living thing on this planet to thrive.”

The negative thoughts that I threw away had to deal with lack of entitlement and money being in conflict with spiritual realization. But you can see how I dealt with those issues.

I carry my cards around with me and I’ve been sharing them only with people I know who will affirm my desire. They have been a wonderful tool to help reprogram thoughts that are no longer serving me and to stay positive and on-course.

You are the master of your mind. What you are going to manifest in 2013?

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