tired of putting on a brave face?

Tired of Putting on a “Brave Face?”

Are you the type of person who when someone asks how you are doing, you reply “Great!” even though your heart is breaking? Maybe… • You or someone you love is going through a health crisis, • You’ve just lost the love of your life to a break-up, death, or even Alzheimer’s, • Or you’re […]

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Your Secret Superpower: Daydreaming

Do you catch yourself mentally going over the argument you just had with your spouse or co-worker over and over again? You replay every word, gesture, and facial expression saying things to yourself that you WISH you had said only to feel angry with yourself for having not said them. In fact, replaying the argument […]

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I’m Taking This Personally…

My dear friend Sally said, “It’s going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.” Being a positive thinker, I refused to accept that statement as true. I thought, “No, we’re going to move through this with grace and ease. All will be well.” And it is, now, but it was a long and painful […]

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How to Achieve True Life Balance

We were driving up highway 5 listening to author Dan Harris describe the downfall of Pastor Ted Haggard in his book 10% Happier. A very conservative Christian, Ted was unabashedly anti-gay. However, as it turns out, he had been seeing a male prostitute for many years. My friend and I discussed what tremendous psychological stress […]

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Is the Universe Against You?

Do you sometimes feel like the Universe is against you? I know I do sometimes, especially when something unpleasant unexpectedly shows up. Well, don’t despair. Watch this Meditation Minute and turn that frown upside down.

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Is Shame Keeping You Down?

Susan* wanted to lose weight. A lot of weight. About 100 plus pounds. She was only about 5’3 and the extra weight put an awful strain on her joints. She often complained of knee pain, which made exercise a challenge. She was also convinced that the weight was interfering with her love life. Susan would […]

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