You Are Whole, Perfect, Loved, and Complete

mc9004330481.jpgPart II of IV, “Do You Need the Ego?”

Do you need the ego?  Ego is a condition that arises from an unconscious separation from Source (Self).  Ego is fear.  You cannot find your true Self in the ego.

You are Whole.  You are Perfect. You are Loved. You are Complete.  You are the crowning glory of Spirit waiting to be realized.  You are all of this and so much more.

Within you lies the seed of vitality, energy, love, and freedom.  This seed is waiting for you to turn your gaze inward; waiting for you to believe that it’s actually there.

Have you investigated what you believe about yourself and the world? Or have you blindly believed what you’ve been told?  What you believe you come to know.

Believe in your Self.  Believe that you are whole, perfect, loved, and complete and you will come to know yourself as such.  Distract yourself from negative self talk by moving your attention into the breath and the feeling of your feet on the ground.  Do not allow your present circumstances, even if they are pleasant,  to define or limit you.

Go inward. Breathe. Ignore the ramblings of the ego, it cannot accompany you in the refuge of your Spirit.

Breathe. Connect with your inner truth…You are Whole. You are Perfect. You are Loved. You are Complete.


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