Happy New Year!

chakra2.jpgNumerologically, the year 2011 reduces to the number four.  Where last year was a year for trying new things the energy of this calendar year supports grounding, work, materially, and accomplishment.  “It is a time to make solid foundations–financial, physical or mental–for your life…Financially, you will earn in direct proportion to your output.  Exercise and take care of your body, your physical home,” (Numerology and The Divine Triangle, by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker).This quarter one of the classes I am teaching is called, “Guided Meditation and Visualization for Self Healing.”  In this class we will be deepening our understanding of ourselves through learning about and working with our personal energy centers or chakras.So today make a commitment to being your best self.  Work on creating and maintaining consistent energy levels through a well balanced diet, exercise, and of course meditation, visualization, and journaling.

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