Be New in the New Year!

sally3.jpgEvery breath presents us with an opportunity for renewal.  The leaves don’t regret the turning of the seasons and the birds don’t lament winters past.  Every thing in the natural world exists fully in this moment and is therefore always new.  Humans have this same ability to be renewed and live fully in the present moment for we are not separate from the phenomenal world we are integral to it.

Numerologically 2008 was a year of new beginnings.  What did you initiate?  What seeds did you gather for harvest this past year?  Spend some time this week contemplating these questions, because 2009 is the year that we will be planting and nurturing these seeds.  Perhaps there was something that was initiated that you don’t want to bring to fruition this coming year.  Write those things down and burn them, release them, let them go.  You can do this; it is your birthright to be renewed and prosperous in this coming year.  Do you believe you can have that?  I know that you can.

May the coming hours, days, weeks, and months be a blessing to you.  Breathe deeply and live fully.

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