Today’s Meditation and Insight

Today, my mind served up wonderful thoughts about fun upcoming class material, interesting articles to be written, meaningful conversations with friends, and art projects I look forward to doing.


I watched my body’s reaction to these thoughts: there was tension, deepening of my breath, euphoria, and a release of adrenaline that I recognize as tightness in my solar plexus and tingling in my arms and legs.


As I watched, I realized that the tension in my body was not only uncomfortable, it was similar to how my body reacts to some of negative thoughts and images that float through my mental screen.


Most people come to meditation because they want to stop thinking, at least that is what they say.


In my experience, most people come to meditation because they want to stop their negative thinking.  However, what they really want is for the mind to serve up positive and supportive thoughts.


I know this because its what I have wanted from my meditation practice. There isn’t anything wrong with this desire. In fact, there are a lot of techniques you could use to make your mind a friendlier space to inhabit.


However, if you want peace, if you want unlimited creativity, if you want to experience unconditional love, then  you have to let go of the desire for any thought.

Letting go of the desire for thought, does not mean that thought ceases, it means that you no longer react emotionally to it.


And what you are left with is YOU. You as peace. You as unlimited creativity. You as boundless energy. You as unconditional love.


Right now, your ego may be having a fit, “I won’t be able to function! Nothing will get done. I’ll be poor because I won’t want anything,” and so on. I know because it’s what my ego says to me. But it isn’t true.


You’ll just be you, and I’ll just be me,  only we’ll be happier because happiness won’t depend on what goes in and out of our heads.


Come meditate with me ;-) Namaste

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