Relaxation is Only the Beginning


Relaxation is only the beginning of meditation, relaxation is not meditation.

Meditation is an opportunity for you to connect with the well-spring of peace, love, and joy within.  It is the practice where you cultivate a meaningful relationship with your authentic Self.  At its best, meditation is a practice where you learn the art of  listening with your entire self…mind, body, and spirit.

The beginning of your practice should always be to relax the body consciously, then you wait.  You wait upon the still small voice within to “speak” to you.  It will.  It may come to you as a gentle breeze that caresses the skin, the sound of birds singing outside of your window, or as a wonderful coincidence sometime during your day.  It may speak as an inner knowing, a deep feeling of release, or as an inner sigh.

Give yourself enough time for your practice, at least three minutes after relaxation, to wait and listen.  Accept the invitation  to go deeper into the nature of Being.


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