Meditation and Mindfulness Can Heal Your Life

meditation and mindfulness can heal your lifeMeditation and mindfulness are healing modalities that can cure the source of all dis-ease, the mind.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with mind, in fact, mind is heaven.  It’s beautiful.

Mind is how we create our internal and external worlds.  That is, we think a thought, believe that the thought is true, and viola! Material manifestation.

Meditation and mindfulness can heal your life because they act to clear away the clutter in mind.

All the voices from your ancestral, cultural, and personal past cloud your mind, confuse you,  and cause you suffering.

Meditation and mindfulness gives you back to yourself, where you will stand in your true power, where you can choose to think upon a thought, or not.

Whenever you try to fix the external circumstances of your life, you cause yourself suffering.

Instead remember that the cause is not “out there,” but “in here.”  Find that place within yourself that hurts.  Breathe into it. Listen to it. Let it go.

Untangle yourself from your mind and life “out there” will follow.

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