Just Breathe


Just Breathe

Mindfulness Practice #1: When feeling stressed or challenged this week, start breathing deeply.

1. When we are feeling stressed or when we are in the midst of a conflict, it is normal for us to hold our breath. When this happens start to breathe deeply and slowly directing the breath into the belly. Do this while keeping the distribution of weight even between your right and left foot or your right and left cheek if you are sitting down.

2. Do not worry about whose right or wrong in that moment, just breathe and feel the body/mind coming back into balance.  **Act from the intention of wanting balance.  When we act from the need to be right, we create conflict.  When we act from the intention of wanting understanding, we listen, and we create harmony.

3. Deep breathing feels like a cool glass of water on a hot summer’s day. It is good for you and its stress reducing effects are immediate.So simple and yet so profound.

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