Be New in the New Year

2008 reduces to the number 1 (2+0+0+8=10; 1+0=1) which is the number of new beginnings, inventiveness, pioneering.  The energy of 2008 presents us with a wonderful and unique opportunity to leave the past behind and  begin anew.  Whatever you’ve done or didn’t do no longer matters; what matters is who you are right now and to allow that Beingness and the Allness of who you are to flow forth from you and live as your experience.  If you’ve harmed someone, then make amends.  If you’ve been harmed then forgive.  Not tomorrow but today.  There’s no use taking yesterday’s mental garbage into this pristine moment.   It’s beautiful.  You’re here.  You’re in it.  So be in It consciously.  Be the love you’ve been seeking, be the forgiveness you’ve been seeking, be the blessing that the world has been seeking.

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