Joy Code Livestreaming

Dealing with Difficult People the Joy Code Way: Live Stream/ Online Event

Saturday May 20th

From 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Investment: $40 per workshop, Includes Workbook

If you’re like most people, you have at least one area in your life that no matter how hard you work at fixing it, (relationships, money, health) it never gets better, or at least not for long. You’ve seen therapists, coaches, psychics, asked friends for advice,  you pray, meditate, attended seminars, listen to podcasts, you’ve read and tried everything, but no matter what you do nothing works.

What if I told you that your path to total joy, peace, and prosperity is hidden in these painful experiences? That you can decode these experiences to be more in alignment with your own Highest Truth, bringing you joy, peace, and personal prosperity while simultaneously healing that area of your life?

You can during this illuminating series of  online only workshops!

Saturday, May 20th: Dealing with Difficult People. Yep, the difficult people in your life are your truth tellers. Discover how to decode the secret meaning of why they are in your life and begin the process of freeing yourself from the stress, frustration and anxiety of difficult and unfulfilling relationships.

Saturday, June 17th: Healing Money Anxiety. Money woes keep getting you down? Decode the pattern of insufficient funds in your life and discover how to create a prosperity consciousness, increase your client/customer base or get a better paying job. Oh yes!

Saturday, July 15th: How to Get Your Mojo Back! Your glory days are not behind you! This is for anyone who has suffered a profound loss or a sudden change in circumstances and can’t seem to get their “mojo back.” If you find yourself saying, “I used to be (fill in the blank)” and you can’t figure out how you lost “it” then join me and discover how to find meaning in your circumstances, heal,  and re-energize your life so that it’s ten times better than ever before!

Saturday, August 19th: Finding Love. Yes you can find true and lasting love. Join me and decode the pattern to pain-filled relationships and free up your energy to attract the love of your life!

Each workshop includes a series of powerful guided meditations and visualizations. Join me for one or all of my online live stream workshops each 3rd Saturday of the monty and start Living Your Highest Truth.


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