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How to Manage Obsessive, Compulsive Thinking

We live in world without boundaries. Our smart phones and computers are always “on” which means that our thinking minds are always “on” as well. At all times of the day we are thinking about work, family, kids, politics, etc… Our thinking is compulsive, obsessive, and continuous. Here is a simple technique to create boundaries […]

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Meditation Can Heal Your Life!

Meditation can heal your life, but only when it is applied to your life. When confronted with a slew of negative or challenging thoughts, you breathe. When confronted with a negative or challenging situation, you breathe. Meditation is not about sitting for 20 minutes a day. It time to take what you do off of […]

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Meditation and Mindfulness Can Heal Your Life

Meditation and mindfulness are healing modalities that can cure the source of all dis-ease, the mind. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with mind, in fact, mind is heaven.  It’s beautiful. Mind is how we create our internal and external worlds.  That is, we think a thought, believe that the thought is true, and viola! Material […]

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Improve your meditation practice with a to-do list

Like most people, I wake-up in the morning with a slew of information that runs through my mind. Since I meditate in the morning, these thoughts can be a distraction if I pay to much attention to them. Here’s what I do to improve my meditation before I meditate:  I make a to-do list in […]

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Trouble Concentrating?

There are times when it’s really difficult to concentrate during  your meditation practice. Board meetings, parent/teacher conferences, family issues can all overwhelm even the most seasoned meditator. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I practice a simple breathing technique I call the “One, Two Breath.” First close your eyes, relax your face and hands, and drop your […]

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Do You Need the Ego?

Do you need the ego? Some teachers say, “yes, ego is necessary.” In fact, I’ve had many discussions with students who also believe that ego is necessary. Freud defined ego as the mediator between the self and the world.  So the argument goes like this, that without an ego we would get hurt or worse. […]

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Practice Oneness, Not Sameness

Usually when people speak of oneness and unity what they are really talking about is sameness. Look for the sameness and that’s where you will find the oneness. But is it true that that sameness leads to Oneness? Sameness is safe. Sameness means that you are just like me, that you love just like me, […]

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Easy Visualization

Imagine that you are standing on a beautiful forest path. In your mind’s eye, you can see that this path is clear except for the dappled sunlight and the occasional leaf dancing to the rhythm of the wind. This path is free of obstacles, and that it stretches all the way to the horizon and […]

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