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Feeling Drained by Others Negative Energy?

This article is re-post from my February newsletter.  It’s a good one, enjoy ;-)                         Do you feel drained or “foggy-brained” after speaking to a needy co-worker, an angry client, or a know-it-all friend? You can’t change people, or quit your job, and you’ve […]

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The “Goal” of Meditation

Most people believe meditation means that they have to train themselves to stop thinking.  But there isn’t anything wrong with thinking.  The problem is the unconscious actions that arise from your unconscious thinking (and feeling). The goal of meditation is to develop the skill of watching. Watching your thinking and your emotions creates a space […]

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Do We Really Need Religion

Meditation 101: The 3 Benefits of Deep Breathing

The foundation of any meditation practice is breathing.  Unfortunately, most of us breathe incorrectly and miss out on the physical, emotional, and psychological benefits of breathing. The vast majority of people are shallow breathers; meaning they breathe into the top third of their lungs rather than using their full lung capacity. You know you are […]

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What is meditation

Meditation 101, #1

What is Meditation? Meditation is the practice of sitting, breathing, and watching (being). That’s it. IT IS NOT, I REPEAT, IT IS NOT THE CESSATION OF THINKING! Knowing this will make your practice more enjoyable and you will be more likely to continue practicing. So, if meditation isn’t about stopping your thoughts then what’s the […]

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