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Easy Visualization

Imagine that you are standing on a beautiful forest path. In your mind’s eye, you can see that this path is clear except for the dappled sunlight and the occasional leaf dancing to the rhythm of the wind. This path is free of obstacles, and that it stretches all the way to the horizon and […]

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Afternoon Meditation

Afternoon Meditation: The key to happiness is learning to want what you already have, rather than wasting your time wanting what you do not have. This goes beyond just appreciating the moment. “Wanting” is a visceral energy that is connected to our sense of well being. Wanting what you don’t have creates a sense of […]

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The Curse of Multitasking

For those of us who remember the days before cell phones, email, and Facebook the pace of life has quadrupled; and to keep up we’ve all developed the habit of multi-tasking. We talk on the cell phone when we drive, eat lunch at our computers, text or watch the news during dinner,  and so on. […]

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