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Meditation Is…

Meditation is art and your tools are the breath and your intention to create yourself in the image of Soul. Meditation is adventurous! It takes you on a heroic exploration where you will confront the Light and Shadow within your own mind. Meditation is power. It is through the practice of meditation where you learn […]

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Parenting as a Spiritual Practice: Identity Crisis

The new school year starts in two weeks. My oldest daughter is starting middle school and my youngest daughter has suddenly become more independent.  I realize that I haven’t had a “job” in thirteen years. This isn’t to say that I haven’t been working.  I have been writing, cooking, teaching, cleaning, fundraising, doing homework, attending tournaments and recitals, refereeing etc…  […]

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It’s All About the Process Not the Product

We are a culture that works long hard hours with very little vacation time, “me” time, down time, family time, fun time, or just plain-old time.  Most of us work hard, but resent the work we do because it is hard.  As a result we look for what’s easy and quick; quick and easy dinners, quick and easy […]

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Planting Seeds of Love

Nature is cyclical.  She demonstrates the natural law of cycles through the movement of the seasons, that is,  gestation (Winter), birth (Spring), growth (Summer), and death/change (Fall). There is a hidden force that propels and perpetuates this movement.  We can see Its effects, and if we are sensitive, we can feel Its movement within and around us.  In the East this force […]

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just breathe

Just Breathe…

Everything begins with the breath. Shallow breathing is an indication of stress.  Shallow breathing makes the spine rigid, the belly hard, and the face stern.  Shallow breathing is a confirmation that life is difficult and puts you in a state of mind that is resistant to Life. Your mantra is “No.” When you breathe deeply, […]

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You Are Whole, Perfect, Loved, and Complete

Part II of IV, “Do You Need the Ego?” Do you need the ego?  Ego is a condition that arises from an unconscious separation from Source (Self).  Ego is fear.  You cannot find your true Self in the ego. You are Whole.  You are Perfect. You are Loved. You are Complete.  You are the crowning glory of […]

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Do You Need Ego? Part I of IV

During this weeks classes we discussed how we can move beyond our egos.  Some students, however, felt strongly that we need our egos.  The most common concerns were,  ego is necessary for human consciousness to evolve on this planet, without ego we would be too passive to create anything, ego is helpful in creating strong personal (and national) boundaries, […]

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Practical Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position.  Lightly, close your eyes, open and close your mouth to relax your jaw, and move your shoulders away from your ears. Breathe.  When you become aware that you are thinking, move your attention back into the body. Breathe. This is meditation. You are at work and a colleague is speaking to […]

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