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Morning Meditation

A relaxed body is a relaxed mind. During meditation focus your attention on relaxing the face, shoulders, hands, legs. Conscious relaxation removes your attention from thinking mind. Why? Because your attention can only be in one place at a time. If you help with conscious relaxation the go toMeditation Storefor a free guided meditation. Happy […]

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Today’s Meditation

I started my meditation later than usual morning.  As soon as I began, I heard both of my kids screaming at each other over the Wii remote. Thoughts rushed in, “Why is this happening now?” “This shouldn’t be happening.”  “I should send them to camp.” I felt anger radiate down the insides of my legs, my […]

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Today’s Meditation and Insight

Today, my mind served up wonderful thoughts about fun upcoming class material, interesting articles to be written, meaningful conversations with friends, and art projects I look forward to doing.   I watched my body’s reaction to these thoughts: there was tension, deepening of my breath, euphoria, and a release of adrenaline that I recognize as tightness […]

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Painting Into the Unknown

This weekend I went to a fabulous workshop to experience “The Point Zero” painting method with Michele Cassou.  Michele’s revolutionary technique of process painting teaches us how to respond to the creative impulse within.  She says, “Creativity knows what you need, when you let it through, it gives you what you need.”  Love that! I […]

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