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Do You Need Ego? Part I of IV

During this weeks classes we discussed how we can move beyond our egos.  Some students, however, felt strongly that we need our egos.  The most common concerns were,  ego is necessary for human consciousness to evolve on this planet, without ego we would be too passive to create anything, ego is helpful in creating strong personal (and national) boundaries, […]

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Practical Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position.  Lightly, close your eyes, open and close your mouth to relax your jaw, and move your shoulders away from your ears. Breathe.  When you become aware that you are thinking, move your attention back into the body. Breathe. This is meditation. You are at work and a colleague is speaking to […]

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What You Think About Youself Matters

What you think about yourself is vital to your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.  What you think about yourself is proportional to how race, socio-economic class, gender, and  level of education are interpreted in the society in which you live.  Another very important factor is how well loved you were as a child. All of this cultural and personal “stuff” has created an unconscious image that you refer […]

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Cup O’ Coffee (or Tea) Meditation

Hold the cup in your hands.  Feel how its warmth radiates in your palms and fingers.  Inhale.  Feel the steam.  Inhale again and follow its scent.  Can you taste the coffee on the back of your palette when you inhale deeply?   Slowly sip your coffee, taste it, and follow the smooth warm liquid.  Can you feel it […]

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How to Journal, Part I, Free-Writing

I have been journaling on and off since my early twenties.  I have used it as a tool for stress relief and insight.  My journaling practice has been as valuable to my personal well-being and the evolution of my consciousness as meditation and in this article I’m going to teach you how to journal. I employ two […]

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Relaxation is Only the Beginning

Relaxation is only the beginning of meditation, relaxation is not meditation. Meditation is an opportunity for you to connect with the well-spring of peace, love, and joy within.  It is the practice where you cultivate a meaningful relationship with your authentic Self.  At its best, meditation is a practice where you learn the art of  listening with your entire self…mind, […]

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