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Blogging to Elevate Consciousness

I’ve spent most of my day today learning about the blogging Universe.  I found that the most popular blogs were dedicated to technical stuff and political stuff.  I found a couple of sites that seem to share some of my same interests, but I haven’t had time to research them in-depth yet. Everyday I think of […]

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What is Meant by Guided Meditation, and More Q&A

The following questions were asked by a reporter for an article that she is writing regarding meditation and creating an at-home retreat. I really enjoyed corresponding with her and I thought that the Q&A would be helpful to anyone interested in guided meditation and visualization. I hope you enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to […]

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Most Commonly Asked Questions about Guided Meditation, Visualization, and Mindfulness

“Like the body needs sleep the mind needs rest also”–Swami Adiswarananda Guided Meditation, Visualization and Mindfulness with Krista Magidson    Commonly Asked Questions about Meditation and Mindfulness  “What is Meditation?”  Meditation is simply the practice of being here now.  It is the practice where we learn to release ourselves from the burden of past and […]

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