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Be New in the New Year!

Every breath presents us with an opportunity for renewal.  The leaves don’t regret the turning of the seasons and the birds don’t lament winters past.  Every thing in the natural world exists fully in this moment and is therefore always new.  Humans have this same ability to be renewed and live fully in the present […]

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New Year Clearing Ceremony

Saturday January 3rd from 1:00 to 3:00 PM Join me for this fun yet powerful way to bring in the new year.  First we’re going to make list of all the burdens (relationships included) and all of the thoughts that no are longer serving us then we’re going to burn and release them!  Then we’ll turn […]

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The Power of the American Dream

Yesterday was a historic day, not just for Americans but for those around the world who woefully believed that the American Dream was fading into the land of myth, into the mists of Avalon.  Being the daughter of an immigrant and of mixed cultural heritage yesterdays outcome is especially meaningful. My father is from Guyana, […]

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Life is Good

Try not to get too bogged down with all the negativity around and about you.  Life is for you and the Spirit of the Universe loves and adores you.  The earth gives up her gifts to you daily…roses are still in bloom, the humming birds chirp and sing, and the earth is firm and sure beneath your […]

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Live with Integrity

It doesn’t matter how much we think we know or what we say we believe.  What matters is whether or not are we living our deepest beliefs with integrity. We talk about peace, love, and compassion but so few of us live these principles.  Our compassion extends only to the people who think like we […]

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