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A Simple Holiday Meditation for Love and Abundance

The energy of the holidays always carries a strong positive vibration of love, hope and charity. It’s a time for acknowledging the blessings of the past year (c’mon there had to be a few), while looking forward to the blessings of the upcoming year. While it’s true that the holidays can also be a time […]

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Mudras, Yoga in your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi

Energize your meditation practice with the use of mudras. Mudra means hand gesture, and the best known mudra is the Jnana Mudra where the thumb and the index finger touch. This mudra or gesture represents, “the oneness of humanity with cosmic consciousness.” If you try this mudra while in meditation, you may feel the sensation […]

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Why Aren’t More Men Meditating?

Age, cultural bias and addiction to stress are key factors The fact that most of my students are women has never been a concern of mine. That changed however one sunny Saturday afternoon, when during a meditation and relaxation workshop a slender gentlemen in the front row asked, “Why am I the only man here?” […]

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The Practice of Saying, “Yes”

Each one of us is a unique and sacred expression of Life… more varied and complex than a handful of snowflakes and just as whole, pure, and perfect. Unfortunately most of us have lost our sense of divine individuality. We have buried our distinctiveness and shoved aside what feels true and right for us, in […]

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Balance Your Root Chakra

Have you ever had the experience of turning onto your street or pulling into your driveway and not remembering the drive home? Or walking into another room only to forget why you went in there? It’s as if there’s an autopilot switch in your brain that mysteriously goes on and then just as mysteriously shuts […]

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Make Your Intention Affirmation

A relaxed body is a relaxed mind and visa versa. The simple act of breathing deeply and consciously, oxygenates the blood, improves digestion, increases metabolism and is very relaxing. When looked at from this perspective, a meditation practice that is focused on the breath can induce positive physiological changes that relax the body and improve […]

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We are Energy

Everything everywhere is energy. The food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe are all energy. We are energy and energy moves through us, it surrounds us and enfolds us. Like fresh air and clean water, we need energy (also called vital life-force energy, prana, chi and spirit) as well in […]

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is simply sitting, breathing and being. Sitting is the action that arises from your intention to meditate. It doesn’t matter if you are able to concentrate for only 3 seconds at a time. What matters is that you’re following through on your intention by making the time to sit for your practice. Breathing is […]

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