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Meditation for the Holidays

The energy of the holidays always carries a strong positive vibration of love, hope and charity. It’s a time of acknowledging the blessings of the past year (c’mon there had to be a few), while looking forward to the blessings of the upcoming year. While it’s true that the holidays can also be a time […]

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Breathing for Creative Problem Solving

The act of breathing provides vital nourishment to the entire body. When done consciously, breathing deeply will not only create physical wellbeing by releasing stress and tension, conscious breathing will also help you to find creative solutions to any issues you may be having at home or on the job. The key is to take […]

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A Silly Article

I recently read an interesting and somewhat silly article on the connection between deep belly breathing and fat retention. Basically since most of us are oxygen deprived due to either stress, which causes us to take in shallow breaths, and/or the phenomenon of keeping our tummy’s sucked in, (ironically in an attempt not to appear […]

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Health and Healing by Andrew Weil, M.D.

If you’re confused about all the different alternative therapies available today then this book is invaluable. In it Dr. Weil discusses all the various healing modalities from allopathic (Western) medicine to Naturopathy and Shamanism in a clear and objective manner allowing the reader to feel confident and informed about the plethora of alternative therapies on […]

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Releasing Judgments

When meeting someone for the first time it is common to ask, “What do you do for a living?” or “Do you have kids?” We do this because it helps us to form a mental image or judgment of who this person is in our minds that in turn helps us to relate to the […]

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Tao Te Ching

The book of the month is the “Tao Te Ching” (pronounced Dow Deh Jing) translation by Stephen Mitchell. It is purportedly written by a man called Lao Tzu of which very little is known in about the 6th or 5th century B.C.E. It is one of my favorite little books because of its simple yet […]

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River of Inner Peace

Underneath all the stress of daily living, the anxiety of dealing with your family and the burden of your past, lies a river of inner peace. Inner peace isn’t something that you find “out there” and it has very little if anything to do with changing jobs. Inner peace and the joy that comes along […]

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