Breakthrough your limiting beliefs, eliminate negative emotions, and create a LIFE of meaning, purpose, and for goodness sake, filled with fun.

I get it…

A client once said that when she wakes up in the morning, her first thoughts are “What’s the point?”

She has a great life, travel, family, and meaningful work, yet something is missing. Her life was unfulfilling and the GUILT was keeping her awake at night.

Another client was so stressed out, she was headed for YET ANOTHER BREAKDOWN. She was mentally disorganized and  overwhelmed and it was affecting her health, sense of well-being, and her ability to enjoy her family. 

What about you? Are sleepless nights, stress, worry, and that nagging feeling of  “disconnection” affecting your productivity at work, your relationships at home, and your sense of well-being?

Just Breathe…

Hi, I’m Krista Magidson. I’ve been teaching people how to take control of their thinking and their lives with mindful living techniques and guided meditation since 2001. I’ve studied with Buddhist nuns, shamans, philosophers, and others who understand the nature of suffering, the nature of the mind, and how to achieve true freedom. I have a certificate of Religious Study’s, and I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, and a Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release® Technique.

Like you I live in the real world and I’ve had some up’s and some serious downs. What’s kept me balanced, focused, and sane is my discovery on how to use my mind to achieve true freedom, balance, and happiness.

I can show you how to transform the life you have into the life you love!

I teach guided meditation and visualization because I believe that it is a wonderful way for most people to relax, to begin a meditation practice, or to re-ignite their passion for their practice. To learn more take one of my classes, contact me for individual training or purchase one of my recorded guided meditations.

I have a 6-week meditation and mindful living class series once or twice a per quarter. Join me live or via live stream. Learn More

Private Sessions

I offer private one-to-one sessions for people who want to create a life they love NOW. Learn More


Here you'll find everything you need to assist you on your inner journey to a more balanced and harmonious life. Learn More

Spiritual Coaching and Meditation

In only 6 weeks you can learn how to master your mind, heal your circumstances, greatly reduce your stress, AND be more productive, empowered, joyful, balanced, and clear headed. Oh Yes You Can!

What are you waiting for? Let’s schedule a time to talk. Your first session is my treat.

Your Life is Now...

I write because it is a joy for me to share what I’ve learned on how to live mindfully, love fully, and breathe deeply. Tap a topic that interests you:

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